Hotel Prideresort Hut

Pride Resorts Hut Gulmarg 193403, Kashmir

Hotel Overview
If the phrase weren’t an oxymoron, this hotel could be rightly described as a ‘luxurious budget hotel’. Offering a range of services in a classy ambience, all at very affordable rates, the hotel’s USP lies in the great views it provides of the Gulmarg valley. Pride Resorst hut is located near the taxi stand and the important shopping areas of Gulmarg.

Please note:
At such time when there is snow in Gulmarg, regular vehicles cannot reach the town. Private vehicles as well as regular taxis can only go up to Tangmarg, 9 kms short of Gulmarg. Thereafter, vehicles with specially-equipped tyres need to be hired to traverse the distance till Gulmarg.

Hotel Facilities
The hotel provides its guests with a wide array of facilities to make their stay most comfortable viz. personalized service at all times, laundry service, etc.

Room Amenities
The rooms are well decorated and appointed with television, intercom and room heater (on request). The washrooms are clean and well kept.